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Urged to establish my authorship, I purchased the blog www.mulanstary.com 6 years ago.
Today, 10-10-2020, Leo, a friend with patience, launched it for me.

Born and raised in China, I have been a practicing physician in the U.S. for 26 years. I currently juggle a full-time private practice with writing, dancing, and singing as well as raising my two children. I practice meditation in the form of gardening or a quiet reading or writing at the Jersey Shore. I write poetry and proses in both English and Chinese.


我叫王炜,中文笔名田万莱仙,来自亲爱的奶奶万莱仙和早逝的生父田汉忠;英文笔名Harriet GS Tian,来自我喜欢的两个女作家Harriet Beecher Stowe 和George Sand。 我还有一个中文别名将门女秀,纪念我冤屈一辈子的外公王章俊将军一家和我教俄文和英文天才母亲王又英。



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